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At SILECMAR we offer automated systems for fishing operations, monitoring and controlling any winch systems and with automatic and efficient control of trawler and seiner equipment and operations.

We develop systems for the management of fuel and energy efficiency, from basic consumption systems to the most advanced PMS, SCADA systems, alarms management with integral control of all processes to optimise efficiency.

Availability, customer service and technical support, along with reliable and durable systems.

As developers of innovative solutions, we are continuously evolving, learning from our clients about their specific needs and demands, applying the most innovative technologies for effective, reliable and durable systems that give the functionalities our clients need.

Information and control of processes for the improved operations, optimisation of resources and efficiency in management. Innovation and technology applied directly to all type of vessels and fleet owners.

With its expertise in the marine environment, SILECMAR distinguishes itself through the excellence of its service.

Availability and service, innovation and technology, passion for the sea.

SILECMAR Automatización y control para el sector naval
SILECMAR Automatización y control para el sector naval
SILECMAR Automatización y control para el sector naval
SILECMAR Automatización y control para el sector naval
December 2019 was a turning point in the history of SILECMAR, when Grupo Arbulu recognised the company as a leader in digitalisation and innovation, helping to develop a new strategic plan for the company.

Since then, the company has adapted to new circumstances, taken up new challenges and demonstrated the expertise and agility guaranteeing our services on all our vessels, with a vocation of responsibility and service while tirelessly working to develop new products and services.

Being part of Grupo Arbulu, is to be working for and with the naval sector, in service of the industry.

To provide this service, at SILECMAR has developed systems to optimise naval operations for more efficient and selective catches, managing fuel savings and energy efficiency, controlling the entre fuel chain, establishing alarm systems for on-board processes with a multitude of variables.